Conquer INFINITY on 06.11.11… Can YOU?

“Runners: Challenge yourselves and run to beat your own time and pace!” – That basically sums up what the Mizuno Infinity Run 2011 is all about.  It’s not about out-running the ‘other’ runner, but it is daring to beat yourself and be at your very best.

Mizuno Infinity Run.06.11.2011

This year’s Mizuno Infinity Run, slated on 11th June / Saturday at the Global City, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City will feature the event’s latest and longest race distance to date – 21K.  Replacing the previous 15K, the new course is set to provide the challenge that runners demand, according to Race Director Mr. Rudy Biscocho.

Race distances, entry fees and route maps

Race Distance*

Entry Fee**

Route Map

Finisher Items


PhP 600

Click Here

Finisher’s Shirt


PhP 750

Click Here

Finisher’s Shirt


PhP 800

Click Here

Finisher’s Shirt; Medal

All registered runners will be entitled to the following:

  • Race bib
  • MYLAPS timing chip (the RFID-based chip is attached to the backside of the race bib, where it should remain)
  • Stubs/ Discount coupons (The discount stubs are valid until July 11, 2011 as confirmed by Jai Cortes, Mizuno Marketing Manager)
  • Mizuno singlet (imported from Japan; to be released during the Mizuno Run Expo on May 29 at the Paseo de Magallanes grounds; after the expo singlets may be claimed at the Mizuno stores where registration was made)

*Same distance runners (e.g. 5K in 2010 and 5K in 2011) will have a chance to get a medal if they are able to beat their own pace (See “Beat Your Own” Category)

**Participants of the Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 can also get a discount of PhP50 on the Entry Fee upon presentation of their race bibs from last year’s event.

Mizuno Infinity Run 2011 Singlets

Registration is currently ongoing at all Mizuno Branches in Metro Manila.  Or you may register online at

Registration closes on 05 June or until the 5,000 runner slots are filled in, whichever comes first.

Race categories and prizes

Race Category Prize
Open Category Cash prizes and Mizuno Items
Age Category Medals and Mizuno Items
“Beat Your Own Pace” Category*** Mizuno Items and Suunto Watches

Also, in true Mizuno Infinity Run tradition, the event will feature a “Beat Your Own Pace” category, where distance shifters from a lower to a higher distance (e.g. 15K in 2010 to 21K in 2011) who beat their own pace can get the following prizes:

  • Mizuno’s Prestige Card (for 21K runners)
  • Specially designed “Beat Your Own Pace” Medal
***”Beat Your Own Pace” Category runners qualified to win prizes are those who:
  • Participated in the Mizuno Infinity Run 2010
  • Distance shifters from a lower to a higher distance
  • Among the top 3 of the different set categories who will register the biggest pace difference
What are you waiting for? Head-out to the nearest Mizuno store or click on the online registration <link> and get one of those 5,000 slots.  Time to find out if YOU can conquer infinity.
PS. The author wishes to thank SUUNTO for the bag raffled off during the event’s press conference on 20th May at Freska Starmall.  Thank you Suunto and Timmy Sebastian of Mizuno!

Chasing the Dream under a Moonlit Sky. Part 1.

I dreamed, I believed, I prayed, I ran, I conquered, I am a MARATHONER.

I was once told “You will never run a marathon, you won’t survive the distance.” Too bad, my grandpa who raised me said that I can do whatever and be whoever I want to be as long as I believe and work on it. And yes, this one’s for you gramps!


The Dream

To run a marathon – The Bull Runner-Dream Marathon 2011. It was a frantic morning. I woke up to an SMS from my friend and team-mate Helen Arabia, telling me that the sign-up for the Dream Marathon was already open. I didn’t wait anymore to get to my computer; I accessed the site and signed-up using my mobile phone. I had to get one of those 300 slots.

A week or two after, the list of dreamers were announced. My name was there.

That Long and Winding Road

September 2010, a week after coming back from the CamSur International Marathon where we ran 21K, it was registration week for the Dream Marathon – and I threw the towel in. It was already the last day of registration and I was pretty sure I would not make it, until I got a call from Daddy Bilz and Daie – ordering me to go to BHS where they will meet me. Angels. If it were not for these two dear friends, there would not have been a Dream Marathon for me.

Registered and all, it was now time to train. I knew how I want my first marathon to be. I had a goal. I forgot one thing though; the road to your dreams is not always rosey.

I had to stop training by the 2nd week October, the shin of my left leg was hurting bad following a 22K run at Clark. I can’t even walk without feeling the pain on the medial side of it. Helen’s friend, a sports doctor who we accidentally saw at Ultra while doing our warm-up run checked it and told me to rest for two-weeks – it might be a torn-calf muscle. I was instructed to get a shin support or compression socks to wear when I try running again after two-weeks of full rest. He also said that if after two-weeks it still hurts, then further tests will be done and I might need therapy. I followed the advice. Two weeks later, I tried running again. It was hurting at first, but after a while the pain was gone. I disregarded the lingering thought that maybe the “injury” is not yet healed. I had to train, I am preparing for a marathon.

Unfortunately, the body does have its own way of telling you that it is not in A-Okay condition. After a 6K run by the first–week of November, there was this pain on my left calf that would not go away – even after soaking the leg in a bucket full of ice. Something was definitely wrong. I was losing my mojo and struggling to hold on. And my dearest Helen was keeping a good hold on me, edging to me keep up with my strengthening exercises to keep me in shape. She also gave me another doctor to consult with, Dr. Cory Cabuquit.

November 14 – The PAU 50K Tagaytay to Nasugbu Road
While acting as “support crew” to runner-friendlies, I decided that I will get the left leg checked again – and this time, even get an MRI if needed. I just wanted to know what was wrong. I guess what finally pushed the trigger was the sight of all these runners traversing that road I once ran for training and that has became a favorite of mine.

Helen and I during BRP's T2N long run, 20th June 2010. Photo by Dr. Omar Arabia

November 17. Running Down Memory Lane
As scheduled, I went to the Metropolitan Medical Center (MMC) for a consultation with Dr. Cabuquit. She asked where it was hurting, checked the leg, asked when I first felt the pain, and made me recount CamSur and Clark – my last two long runs. I told her it was during the first 5KM of 21K I ran during at CamSur in September. I was going to land wrong and immediately corrected, then upon landing I felt a sharp pain on the left calf – I said I thought I might’ve pulled something – but the pain went away after some time. Then felt something again during the course – I thought it was cramps so I just sped up. She asked what my pace was during the first 5K, as well as my pace during the mid-part and my average pace during the race.  Also if I felt the recurring pain during the run, and asked what I did when there was pain. I answered “yes” to feeling the pain every now and that I sped up when it was hurting since that is how I usually deal with cramps. She then asked what I did when I got to the finish line. I said I ran back to pace my runner-friends to the finish (I promised Daddy Bilz and Daie that I would come back for them). She asked if there wasn’t any pain when I finished and I replied with “I was in pain when I got to the finish, but since I didn’t see any medic who could give me a massage, I decided to just “run-off” the cramps.”

The order. She wrote a left-leg x-ray request and instructed me to bring the film back to her.

November 24. Crest-fallen
I went back to MMC and got my film and took it out from the envelope along with the radiologist’s reading. I felt a shiver run down my spine and my hands turned cold when I read this word on the paper “fracture”. Then I looked at the x-ray film and saw this thick white line running across my bone.

Dr. Cabuquit confirmed it, I sustained a stress fracture on my left leg. The good thing though, she said is that it has started to heal, therefore, no more clinic therapies but I will need to go back to lower distances. She instructed me to do my strengthening exercises, hold off on the running and do walk-runs instead (discussed the program), quit the speed training, forego all races that I signed up for and take my calcium tablets. I asked “Would I still be able to do my marathon on March 20?” She said, “You might need to forget about that too and look for another marathon.” Oh did I feel the world shake when she said those words. I felt my face literally going sad. I said, “Really? Could we not check later again then see how it goes?” I guess it was because she was previously a PBA doctor or I might’ve looked really devastated that she said we can look at the possibility of the March 20 marathon later. She gave me that bit of hope.

From then on, I kept her informed of my “training”. I would inform her by SMS of how my walk-runs went, how long I walked, how long I ran, the pace (I was instructed to run at a pace of 8 to 9 KM/min, no faster), and how my leg felt during and after. I was also ordered to keep training 3x a week to keep the leg conditioned. Her most important instruction: stop when you feel any discomfort or pain.

It was not easy. I had already registered for several races and I had to give away all of them. I did not know what went wrong when I kept to my training and did everything that was told of me to do. I totally lost my mojo.

December 15 – A Candle in the Tunnel
Two-weeks after I went back for my 2nd X-ray. This time, I didn’t bother to look at the film. My hands were clammy and it felt as if my heart were in my throat when I went inside her office. I looked at my hands when she raised the film against the light and looked at it. “Had you been taking your calcium tablets?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied. Then she said, “Your leg is looking good, the fracture did not progress. It is healing well.” I looked at her and asked a surprised “Really?!” And she smiled and said yes, but told me that I still have to keep up with my walk-runs but I can already start adding 1KM per week to my initial 3KM “long-runs”. Speed is still out of the equation. I dared and asked if I can run a 21K for Condura in February 5 next year. She said, she’ll check my leg in January and will decide then, and reminded me to keep to my training. That was another grain of hope.

Gray still. The rope I was holding on was a bit frayed. Every now and then I would slip further down and the climb back up would take the better of me. Faith tested.

January 12 – Cleared for the SkyWay!
I showed up for another consult. No X-rays this time. She checked my leg and asked about my training. Then I asked about the 21K for Condura. She said that I am still not allowed to “run all the way”, that my fastest will have to be 7min/KM, and that I have to do a run-walk. I replied with an “I can do that.” I saw the green light for the skyway.

February 05 – Condura 2011. Running at the SkyWay
This was the run where the run bug bit me. Condura 2010, I did my first 5K run. After that I signed up and started training under the Bald Runner Speed Training Clinic at Ultra for proper training, signed up for races, and yes… got hooked.

I was full of nerves the day before Condura 2011 and I was so worried about the left leg. I was texting messages to Maan telling her how I can feel some pain on my left leg. She would sms me back saying I need to relax and it is just nerves. I spent the night at Gail’s home as I will pace with her, we planned to do a 4:1. I was up super early for race day. Fast forward to race proper, I was a bundle of nerves and excitement – thus, I forgot to start the Garmin, which Maan lent me. Bave, paced with us, she was doing her first 21K. Gail’s ITBS made its presence felt at the 8th KM (?). There were, honestly, times when I just wanted to speed up and stop doing the 4:1. I owe it to Gail and Bave for keeping me in. And yes, I knew Maan would be waiting at the station (around 17 KM) and she’s timing my run. If I get there any earlier than 2 hrs I’ll get ‘the look’. Yes, friends – they’re not afraid to give what they think and give you a good whack on the head when you’re being stupid.

Jump-shot at the 17th KM with Bave and Gail (L-R). Photo by Maan Catolos

Bave, Gail and I clocked within the range of 2:45-47. Not bad eh?

February 23 – Rainbows and Stars.
Another check on the leg but no X-ray. I reported how I’m going with my training and informed about my next long-run, the 30K run for the Dream Marathon. I still did not have the “go” from my doctor and I need her clearance.

She instructed me to keep training, stick to the run-walk, and still not go faster than 7 min/KM. I informed her that I’m trying to keep my pace at the 7-8 min/KM range.

This time it was her who asked me about the date of my marathon. I glowed inside. I said March 20 and then asked if I can do it. She replied with, “Let’s do an x-ray Wednesday before the event, then we shall decide.” I was good with that.

She wrote me a medical clearance after I told her I needed one as it is required for the Dream Marathon. As she was writing it, I promised that if by March 16 she sees something wrong on my film, I would pull-out from the Dream Marathon without hesitation.

Conditional clearance. I was ecstatic.

Suddenly the rope is not frayed anymore — I wasn’t slipping down, I am able to find a better foothold to push myself up, and I am getting better and stronger grips. The climb is feeling easier.

March 16 – THE D-Day Rocket
Somehow it was like a routine already. I proceeded to the Radiology Department, showed the x-ray order from my doctor, paid the fees, waited for my name to be called. Name called, went to the x-ray room, up on the table, left-leg positioned then ‘click’, change position then ‘click’. Walked out of the room, waited for the film, name called and I dared pull the film out. There was still that line running across my left shin. This time though, it is quite thin, like a scratch. I brought the film up and waited for my doctor. She arrived and called me. Gave the envelope, she opened it and pulled it out. She smiled. “Your x-ray is good. You may run the 42, but take it easy okay? No running fast, do a run-walk, stop if there is any pain. Good luck!”

I was in heaven.

Changing The World, One Pencil At A Time: Run For Pencils Project (TBR-Dream Marathon 2011)

On the 20th March, I’ll be realising one of my dreams and running my first-ever marathon at The Bull Runner – Dream Marathon 2011.  *butterflies*

It was during 2010’s Condura Run for the Dolphins when the running bug had a bite on me.  The company I am working for sponsored the lot of us who wanted to run the event – whatever distance – I ran the 5K.

Needless to say, after that run, I did not stop.  I joined BR’s Speed Training Clinic and aNR-Tiendesitas, and signed up for race after race.  Yes I got addicted.  Proof?  February 2010, I had races lined up and registered for until April 2010.

It wasn’t all that posey-rosey of a road though.  I had setbacks along the way – a lot in fact.  I had injuries after injuries – from knee to pulled hamstrings, and yes, even a stress fracture.

‘Nuff of that though.  This entry is not about me, but for this project that a group of us TBR-Dream Marathoners together with the Black Pencil Project (BPP) launched the: “Changing The World, One Pencil At A Time: Run For Pencils Project (TBR-Dream Marathon 2011).”

The project aims to collect some cash donations, which will be used to purchase school materials and proper appropriations for a school for Mangyans in Mindoro.

Where do my marathon and YOU come in?

I would like to ask you to please make a cash pledge donation for every kilometer that I run on March 20 or a fixed-amount pledge.  Either way, I will be very grateful if you support the project and promote it to your friends who might be interested in helping.

Learn more about the project and make a pledge, click the image below.

Get to know the runners, click the image below:

Many, many THANKS!!!!!!!

all i want for christmas is…

…. hahaha! I remember singing that song during one office Christmas party, let’s just say I won’t do it again. lol Had a blast nonetheless.

Everybody’s doing their lists… and I just thought, might as well give it a try. I haven’t done this for the longest time now, the last I did it, I must be in the 1st grade and I remember exactly what I asked for, a white purse – which I got btw. ;p I’m just gonna have some fun now and list what I want! Oh yeah baby!

1. Adidas adiZERO™ Tempo

Coming back to my first love...

I need a new pair of running shoes, and this time I’m coming home to the arms of my first love… Adidas baby! I’ve had my eyes set on this pair for a while now and I’ve put on hold my bringing this baby home because of the injury that has kept me on the sidelines, the longest so far. It’s not ideal for long distance – as it is better for sprints and training – it can go max 21K. But hey, I’m not even yet allowed to go more than 6K so, what’s the difference eh? hahaha! It’s light-weight (270 grams) and great cushioning – adiPRENE®, baby! I haven’t had one blister with any of my Adis and the torture that I give them, oh my, can’t be imagined.

2. Adidas Three-Quarter Tights

I’m most comfortable running in tights and I need another one of these. I would prefer a plain black or black with blue trimmings (though I already have one with blue trimmings). My sister said she’d get me a pair of running tights, but hmm… I’m much too concerned about the pair that she’d get coz… err, let’s just say she knows nada about running. lol

Oh right, XS is the size.

3. Adidas ClimaCool Run Cap

I’m not much of a visor gal, I want the bull cap. In white, black or blue please.

CLUE: Get me anything from an Adidas shop and you will most certainly not go wrong.  lol! Well, unless you get something from the Men’s items, then that will definitely be just wrong.

4. Arm Sleeves
Been in the hunt for arm sleeves, unfortunately though, none would fit my skinny arms. Then Maan told me that she found some XS- CW-X white arm sleeves in a store in Alabang. Errr… yeah, they also will cost me both of my arms, whopping PhP2+K!


5. Amphipod Race-Lite Go Pocket™

🙂 🙂 🙂

Just recently bought a race bib holder, and yes, it is an amphipod. Now, I want this too for the essentials (re: inhaler) when I do the long runs.

6. Swimsuit Galore

Out of the comfort zone and into the water!

The waters aren’t my comfort zone, as in NOT my zone. I am a mountain, land and air person. If you give me a choice between bungee jumping and diving, I will choose to bungee anytime. But yes I had before went on a free fall from a 20ft. diving board into the waters because I had too. Lovely eh!? And since I am re-learning (yes, took lessons years ago) that lovely sport called swimming, then the Doll needs to suit up. 🙂

7. Goggles
Eyes, eyes, eyes...heheheSwimming essential, especially for me who wears contact lenses. My old pair needs replacing – esp since my brother lost my other/ extra pair.

8. Bookworm-bookworm

For some quiet time...

If reading were a sport, I’d be a consistent ‘podium’ finisher. ;p I read a few stories from this already, c/o the Argonaut, and it is a must-have. Hmm….

9. White Tank Top

No, I am not an F1 fan. hehehehe!

Size is XS – white tank top.  And if you could get me that pictured white tank top with the prancing horse, I would really (really, really, really) love it!  Hahaha!  Big, huge – BONUS!

10.  Garmin Forerunner 405 with HRM

The legs and the heart....

Since my wrists are too small, the readily available and much cheaper GF305 is not an option for me. The frame of the watch itself is already the size of my wrist. lol This one’s a good fit. Unfortunately, when I tried ordering it from Amazon, lo and behold, they won’t deliver here. 😦

Santa again?

I Run…

to free my mind.

to free my emotions.

to let loose.

to feel the wind blowing through my hair.

to have some me time.

because it makes me smile.

because I want to put on weight and tone my legs.

because it feels great surprising people with what I can do, esp the put downs.

because I love pushing the limits!

because I love pushing me!

because I love the challenge.

because I love the speed.

because I like to sweat it out.

because it is a quick release, a de-stress.

because I won’t let asthma take control of me.

because it feels like I’m Kimi without the F1 car (duh!).

because I meet amazing, self-less people along the way.

because it reminds me that there is good in everyone.

because it makes me happy.

because it is carefree.

when I feel frustrated.

when I need to be in control.

when I just want to let go and not think.

when things are getting tough and rough.

when my world is getting too chaotic.

when and while I think of that person who turns my world-upside down.

when something is bothering me.

when I am happy.

when I want to fly.

when I want to sing my heart out.

when I want some silence.

when I need a short reverie of escape.

while I do my prayers and strengthen that bond/ relationship with my Creator.

while and when I remind me to let go and leave it all up to Him.

when I can not find the answers and remember that everything in His time.

instead of drinking my woes away.

instead of throwing my computer in frustration.

instead of shouting words out of anger and frustration, which I know I will regret.

when it rains because it’s carefree and simple happiness.

at twilight, sun-down and night because of the calm it brings.

in the morning with friends.

in the heat of the day to train my body for it.

because it tests my character.

it is a mental challenge more than a physical one.

i like how great the wasted-ness feels after.

because I am dedicating all my runs to that man who never stopped believing in me, loves me unconditionally, spoils me to heavens end, still remembers me even as Alzheimer’s slowly taking him, and taught me how to reach for the stars. Para siempre abuelo.
simply because I love to.
(I wanted to write and remembered this blog-entry by Maan, so there. Thanks!)

Day 7

Today marks the 7th day of no running.  Unfortunately, that’s just the half of it.  I still have seven more dull days to endure before I can try my legs again and see if the strained calf muscle on my left leg has healed, fully-recovered and wouldn’t hurt when I run.  If there is still pain or discomfort after, well then… yes, I might be off of the track/ road/ grass/ dirt – again.  I swear to you I’m pretty darn lucky in picking up injuries or reason/s to prevent me from running.  Anyone want to trade their luck with mine?  None?  No one?  Thought so.  Oh well, the lady’s gotta try….

Un-eventful?  Well not really (read that with a bit of sarcasm for full effect. lol) The weather seems to be feeling for me though that I am not missing a lot of things – that is except for…

  1. being unable to run with Maan while she did her Yassos last Thursday night (21 Oct) – and when she next does her Yassos and other speedwork  (Hmm… should actually not be running ‘coz am supposed to time her… but, but… maybe even the last set? to push?  errr… right, no can do)
  2. missing the KOTR event tomorrow
  3. passing the chance to try and beat my previous 10K time
  4. putting aside my marathon training (Week of 18th October should’ve been Week 1 based on my training program – the printed copy is gathering dust)
  5. miss Plyo-exercises with Run Rhymes on Tuesday; BR speed drills on Wednesday; aNR-Tiendesitas run on Friday; and though it’ll be out of the two-week coverage – running at Team Boring’s secret playground on Sunday… *sigh*

Not a lot, eh?

Oh well, enough of the drags and on to the fun part!  Oh yes there is a fun part to this, or at least tried to make it not all so dull and gloomy and gray.  Read on if not yet bored….


16th October/ Saturday @ 0430H, Roxas Blvd, Manila.  ARC Philippines Store Opening.

A Runner's Circle Philippines Store

A Runner's Circle Philippines Store | Photo by The Argonaut

Received an invite for this on Friday night and planned to make it either a 5K walk-along-the-bay or a picture pace run.  But well, let’s just say that “that was the plan.”  And that was (?) my last (?) run.

I arrived at ARC at 0420H after a 15-minute cab ride from home and guess what?!  I was the second to register.  lol!  I was asked by the manager if I participated in that first 70 pax to sign-up for a free shirt, and I said I didn’t coz the announcement didn’t appear on my FB wall.  Oh well, just my luck – a different one this time – good one! Yes my (good) luck!  Coz he gave me a free shirt though I wasn’t on the list!! And you gotta love the shirt, good quality and it is RED!  Thank you ARC!  Yes, momentarily swapped the Team CB for the red ARC shirt as we did the 5K Run.

Team CB at KM 0 with Team Boring's docT and Coach Pojie | Photo by The Argonaut

Team CB at KM 0 with Team Boring's docT and Coach Pojie | Photo by The Argonaut

Fun, fun at ARC Philippines opening! | Photos by The Argonaut

Gotta say that it was a pretty organized run (albeit the longer route and distance we had to take, coz there was a confusion somewhere) – ARC Philippines had available hydration for all runners at KM 0, which was the mid/turn around point.  More hydration, breakfast (bananas, boiled egg, sandwiches), and coffee was available and plentiful back at the store premises at the end of the run.  There was a free talk from Coach Saturnino Salazar about the history of running in the country plus a Q&A, raffle of different prizes (got a free foot spa GC), shoes (3 pairs were given away!) and more!  However, the dance show from Allan.RFM of six:30 was the highlight IMO, nothing beats that!

Lots of picture taking and fun!  The ARC store boasts a good selection of items that runners would die for – from the selection of shoes, apparel, to nutrition, and other running essentials.  They also have the Aetrex iStep Foot Scanning System –a foot scanning technology that could provide the following info and help in choosing the right shoe and fit: foot size, arch type and pressure points.  Best part is… the scan is for free!

To watch out for: ARC said that they do plan to organize regular group runs that will traverse the Roxas Blvd area.  This is something to look forward to.  If the first group run they organized is to be used as peg, man!  They know what they are doing and pushed almost all the correct buttons to put the FUN in group runs.  Running in Manila catalyzed!

Team CB at ARC Philippines Opening | Photo by The Argonaut

Team CB at ARC Philippines Opening | Photo by The Argonaut


A Runner’s Circle (ARC) Philippines

Aloha Hotel, Unit H, 2150 Roxas Boulevard / Cor. Quirino Ave., Malate, Manila 1004
Tel/Fax: (632)567-iRun (4786)
Store Hours: Tuesday to Friday – 12nn-7pm/ Saturday & Sunday – 9am-5pm/ Monday – Closed


17th October/ Sunday @ 0600H, Ayala Alabang Village.  SPEEDO NAGT  5 Series 2010.

Here’s the deal, there was a schedule conflict here.  I was supposed to join my BR-P team-mates on a 35K LSD from Tagaytay to Nasugbu on this day had it not been for the strained calf muscle, and the order from Helen’s friend and sports doctor Jojo (who I met last Wednesday/ 13th Oct).  However, prior to the 35K LSD I’ve promised both Timmy and Rodel that I’d support and cheer as they do their first triathlon event.  Torn I was, ‘til I had a chat with Rodel (you see, I was supposed to be already prepping for my mary and per program I need a 21K long run), and he agreed that I need to do the run for training and skip the tri event.  But I guess things have a way of working out — met Jojo that Wednesday, he checked my right knee (which was declared good!) and the left calf muscle – declared – bad, and was ordered to not do the LSD.  There.

TCB Triathletes!  They inspired and made us proud!

TCB Triathletes! They inspired and made us proud!

It was all good though – I’ll miss the LSD but will be able to cheer on my Team CB!  Yay! Still.  🙂

I was (tasked) photographer for the day, using Rodel’s camera fixed with the 200mm lens.  I also brought along another DSLR (c/o Bilz) and a DSC-W35 /Sony Cybershot (c/o Wesley) – yes, wasn’t worried enough that we’d run out of frames or not capture every moment as our team-mates transition to becoming triathletes.  Marvin also brought his DSLR, therefore it was pictures galore, we had them covered from all angles and places!  Collectively, Bilz, Wesley and I were able to create five albums – from the pre- to post-race moments, mind you, those albums were only for Team CB, does not yet include the pics we took of friends/ CB friends/ and other acquaintances (reminds me… I’ve more uploading to do).

Team CB Represent! | Photo by Doc Art

Team CB Represent! | Photo by Doc Art

The photos turned out good and we hopefully did not disappoint our team-mates with the shots. Else, it’ll be a total shame as those are precious, precious moments for Rodel, Julie, Cess, Karen, Timmy, and of course the rest of Team CB.  One proud and inspiring moment!  You guys make us uber proud!

Oh, also saw my BR-P team-mate Mari Javier at the event.  Surprise, surprise, he finished 3rd in his category and 4th over-all!  And he still asks why I wasn’t able to take an action pic of him?  F.A.S.T. (aside from, I didn’t know he was there! lol)










Hmm… I guess I don’t need to detail now how the rest of the no-running days went by ‘coz unless you want to know about how long I stayed up for the past days and how much sleep I was losing because of so and so and so… yes, got that, will not talk about it.  It was and is probably a good thing that I currently have a two-week project at work, which requires me to closely monitor activities (well, not really on that side), reports and communications.  That one keeps me busy and gets my mind off running.


Not so Random Thought/s

It may be due to the low or lack of endorphins…  but I’ve been pretty much pensive about how the running and everything else is going. Quite a few friends know about what I’ve been thinking about (a lot) and the cross-roads I’m at or approaching.  They’re not happy about it, especially the one named Helen.

The next seven days will be crucial.


Maan Catolos, you will finish T2N strong.

Yes I still dream of the dream… but the crossroad is still there.