random thoughts of a doll

Originally posted this in my other blog.  But decided to post it here (with some edits) because of a very, very, very recent conversation with a friend.


conquered Pinatubo yesterday and literally ran the trail on our way down.  well the whole group did not run the trail, it was only the crazy four blogger-runners who went crazy and tried to fly through the 8 KM of trails – it was literally boulders, rocks, pebbles, sands, water… name it and it was there!

i know that i finally consider a person a ‘friend’ when it feels heavy in my heart to say ‘see you again’ and never want to utter the word ‘goodbye’, while feeling happiness because the friend/s is/are pursuing a dream and is off to do something great.

one can never be selfish for friends.


dreams and voyages
adventures and going aways
time and memories
happiness and tears
wish them well
be the wind
let them fly
smile and hide the sadness
be glad
it is growth
your friend
will be a better person
will grace other’s life
growth in the process
just be happy



Friendship, it transcends time and boundaries.


Let me just say this… you are effin’ making me want to cry!  I can feel them tear glands already.

I was supposed to be the one figuring out what to bring to you when I return, and now it is getting all twisted.  There’ll be more this and that and asking the questions “why” and “how”, but at the end of the day, know that I am happy if you are happy.

Spread your wings, chase and run after that dream with the passion and perseverance that I’ve always admired in you.

I will super miss you.  That is already an understatement.  But hey,  ….


2 thoughts on “random thoughts of a doll

  1. hey what!!! hahahaha…..

    waaahhh…little by little people are going out!…but when that time comes…i will miss you!

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